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It is not a rare or unusual occurrence under capitalism; it will always inevitably happen under capitalism. The circular motion of the economy, which can be defined as the recession, has a goal to maximize the profits for the capitalist class.

What caused the banking crisis?

To maximize the profits, they have to minimize the cost, which the cost of labor or the wages for the workers takes most of the place. If the wages of the working class decrease, the purchasing power of the working class, who have the wage income as their primary or only source of income, diminished over time.

So the capitalists start cutting back productions, leading the labors to lose their jobs eventually. Then, again, purchasing power of the working class will decrease furthermore, and the capitalist will again cut back the production and it will continue so on, forming a cycle to create a recession.

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The current recession, which started on , has being called the Great Recession. Since the Great Recession began, most of the people in the working class have suffered unemployment, a cut in pay, or a reduction in hours.

The Great Recession Definition

Also, it brought the increase in poverty and homelessness, which are natural consequences of the recession. According to William Frey, who is a demographer at the Brookings Institution, the number of the poor children younger than 18 reached its highest level since A recession is an economic condition that is affecting America today. It's a time period in which the economy comes to a stop "Recession". Some of recession causes are from shortages from vital products.

When Is The Next Recession?

One of the big reasons why the recession began was from the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center "US-Recession". With talk of major layoffs, bank closings and the stock market plummeting, many people are talking about economics and throwing around terms like recession and depression.

Expect a US recession by mid-2020, strategist Sri Kumar says

To some people, any time the economy seems bad, it is a recession. A recession, in economic terms, is a period of at least six months of negative growth of the gross domestic product. Most Americans are familiar with the term because of the Great Depression beginning in , but few people recall the details other than the stock market crash and the rush on the banks in October of For the average Am Is it still around, waiting to be achieved by those who work hard enough, or is it effectively dead, killed off by the Great Recession and the economic hardships that many Americans have come to face?

Many liberal economists and activists say that the American Dream is dead, but I say that it's more alive and important than ever-and that it is the key to climbing out of the Great Recession, overcoming inequality, and achieving true prosperity. Beginning in , the Great Recession caused extreme disruption within American financial markets. The housing bubble burst was a huge problem for Americans and was one of the greatest causes of the Great Recession.

Despite these negative accusations the Federal government did take some action in an attempt to help the struggling Americans during the Great Recession.

Economy at 'very real risk' of falling into recession in late 2020, UCLA forecast says

While the Great Recession caused economic hardships for most Americans, these hardships were preventable. During the month of March , the world's largest economy - The United States of America - began experiencing a downturn, leading into a recession. In comparing previous recessions that occurred, it appears that similar patterns exist also in the recession. Racial differences in subprime lending were dramatic.

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The geography of subprime lending holds an obvious connection to the historic, government-supported, and racist practice of redlining , which funneled affordable mortgages and massive amounts of wealth into white suburbs and helped trap poor people of color in ghettos for generations. Segregation was not only implicated in the causes of the Great Recession, but in the anemic federal policy response.

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  • During the Great Depression—the last time there was a comparable housing market crisis—the federal government dramatically altered the practice of mortgage lending. Our likelihood of knowing someone directly affected by the crisis and any resulting interest in enacting policy to alleviate its consequences are shaped by persistent residential segregation.