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In addition, Mayella seems to have either inhabited or learned this sort of behaviour, as at many points during the trial after she arrives, she becomes emotional and accuses Atticus of putting her in a bad light-accusations similar to the ones her father made prior to arrival. It isn't until Tom Robinson finally testifies that this suspicion we begin to have is in fact, correct, showing Bob Ewell as not only a coward, but a man unfit to care for anything, let alone a child.

With this example of cowardice having been examined, we can now take a look at the book's example of courage: Atticus Finch.

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Long before the trial begins, Atticus comes under fire for defending a Negro in a court of law, but takes it all in stride. When the trial finally arrives, however, is when we truly see his bravery in defending Tom Robinson; he remains calm throughout the trial, even when the Ewells are becoming defensive.

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In doing so, he ends up destroying whatever good name Bob Ewell might have had by exposing him as Mayella's assailant, even if he doesn't end up saving Mr. We get the sense, however, that Atticus knew he would lose this fight simply because Mr. Robinson was black and decided to defend him anyways, as he tells Jem in Chapter 11 that courage "is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see through it no matter what.

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