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Comment by Taro — April 4, pm Reply.

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Taro………almost to the word is what I would have said. If not for the formation of the Republican party, and our first Republican candidate…Abe Lincoln…who knows how many more years the democrats would have enslaved blacks. Comment by Frank Rinaldo — August 18, am. How come i never see a response or rebuttal from democrats when these facts are entered into a debate.

Comment by Anonymous — July 24, am. Well who cares what happened 50 years ago or years ago. And you know you guys are forgetting about the Indians. The english stole their land. America was theirs so really none of us have a right to say anything unless you are in fact a native american or indian or whatever name you wanna come up with.

So really if you wanna get down to it none of us deserve America or anything else. We have all just kept on and on worrying about things that are not important we have forgotten what is important. Comment by Mango — June 1, pm Reply.

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Take a gander sometime generally at admission requirements at various private law schools, for example—the discrepancy may surprise you. Comment by what is fairness — July 26, pm Reply. Michelle is a racist, most obviously. She is biting the hand that feeds her with the help of 26 assistants to wait on her in the White House. Comment by gaily — September 16, pm Reply. After reading all the negative comments about Michelle and her excellent thesis, I feel sorry for a sick American society that have ignorant pagans who parade as Christians.

Go to school, dummies!!!! Comment by Ben — October 25, pm Reply. Comment by framico51 — July 17, pm Reply. In the first 18 pages all I was able to access in the article where I found her thesis , there are at least 5 grammatical errors.

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On that basis, it is hard to imagine she received a passing grade. Commas matter. Comment by Susan Matthews — May 17, am Reply. I was a complete idiot in college also grad. I am willing to believe that Mrs. Obama has come along since her salad days. I certainly hope so. Comment by Michael — December 30, pm Reply.

Judge a person by the content of his character, not by the color of his skin. They do not appear to be as concerned for the black, white, or brown poor, or any of the millions of jobless, homeless, struggling small business owners, black, white, yellow, brown, or grey seniors. Talk about slum lords. Alcoholism, domestic violence…sad but true.

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Take care and God Bless. Comment by Bee — August 28, pm Reply. Let us remember it and grow and strengthen ourselves from our history. We need to remember, we need to relish in our strengths and our survival, we need the unity that other groups of minorities have, we need to Overcome! Comment by AllAmerican — July 21, pm Reply. Comment by hofbrauhausde gmail.

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We pay just like everyone else, via student loans or grants. We cannot change what happened years ago, but if we continue to live in the past, how can we change our present and future? We are ALL guilty of doing this I am referring to the different cultures , but if we continue do so, what is the legacy that we leave for our children?

Comment by nisacolom — December 30, pm Reply.

For starters, the part that allows you to write that without wondering if the police will knock on your door. The nasty race card has been played faithfully, continuously, repeatedly in the White House since George Washington sat in Office in his powdered wig, all the way up until now when Obama made history in being the first Black president of this country.