Term paper in mastery learning

Intervention in School and Clinic, 34 2 , Barbetta, P. Effects of active student response during error correction on the acquisition and maintenance of geography facts by elementary students with learning disabilities. Journal of Behavioral Education, 3 3 , Bennett, B.

Mastery Learning

Beyond monet: The artful science of instructional integration. This paper is a research review which explores factors that can be controlled or influenced by teachers and that are known to affect student behavior, attitudes, and achievement. Pre-instructional factors include decisions about content, time allocation, pacing, grouping, and activity structures. This article reports on a 4-year longitudinal study of the effects of Literacy Collaborative LC , a schoolwide reform model that relies primarily on the oneon-one coaching of teachers as a lever for improving student literacy learning.

Biancarosa, G. Assessing the value-added effects of literacy collaborative professional development on student learning. This paper theorizes that variations in learning and the level of learning of students are determined by the students' learning histories and the quality of instruction they receive. Bowman-Perrott, L. Classwide peer tutoring: An effective strategy for students with emotional and behavioral disorders.